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The first meeting is an introduction; it provides you with the opportunity to consider whether we are who we say we are and for you to feel comfortable with us. We will obtain details from you as to the problem which has led you to seek the assistance of a solicitor.

We like to think that we are a new breed of solicitors. We don’t simply jump to what is asked of us. We do truly care for the wellbeing of our clients and provide you with sound legal advice but in addition that human touch.

At the first meeting we attempt to ascertain whether reconciliation is at all possible and if so we will arrange for counselling sessions and do our utmost to assist with rebuilding the marriage/relationship. We are happiest if we can attempt reconciliation.

In some situations things are blown out of proportion and if one party is rash and prematurely applies for a divorce, before you know it the divorce will be finalised and in actual fact, you and your partner may not even have wanted a divorce in the first place. Therefore, as a solicitor it is very important to know that although you will be making decisions, your decisions may be greatly influenced by your emotional state. As your legal advisors, we must consider all aspects of your case including your emotional wellbeing as this may well affect the decisions you make.

We will suggest counselling for you and your partner and whilst you undertake counselling we will still be in communication with you until we know that we are no longer required.

We work closely with counsellors and life coaches and can also work with religious organisations such as mosques and churches.

Unfortunately many clients will only contact a solicitor when the relationship has broken down completely. In such cases reconciliation is not possible. Nevertheless that is not to say we cannot still deal with your matter without acrimony and hostility which will ultimately be best for you and any children that are caught in the middle. We will again suggest and recommend mediation in order to resolve issues. It is only when this option is not available that we will open the channels of communication between you and your partner. If necessary, we will have to begin court proceedings. This however should be the last resort.

We will also discuss the issue of costs and inform you of the likely costs involved together with disbursements such as court fees or barrister’s fees.

We will also advise you of the procedure involved and the likely time it will take to deal with your matter.

We are confident that you will be happy with the service we receive and will walk away after the first appointment feeling more confident and stress-free.

What we do

How Can We Help You?

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