Muslims Clients

Most of our Muslim clients have additional problems:

Islamic wills – Since we work closely with the Shariah Counsel we can assist by preparing a will that conforms to Islamic rulings. We will obtain details from you on how you wish your estate to be divided in the event of your death. We will ensure that your wishes are in accordance with Islamic Law and will provide you with a detailed letter setting out in plain English what your Will states. We will liaise and work with the Shariah Council if necessary.

Nikah (Islamic marriages) – under the law of this country, you must register your marriage if you marry in this country otherwise your marriage may not be recognised under English Law. If a husband is legally married but undertake a Nikah with another woman, this second marriage will not be valid in the eyes of English Law. This causes many problems especially where a relationship breaks down. The parties may wish to know what their rights are in relation to their Islamic marriage and also the children of that relationship. A father who is not legally married to the mother may not have parental responsibility of the children and therefore this may be a concern. Also in the event of his death he may wish to ensure that his second family are financially secure by making provisions in a Will. This is very important since the second wife may not be considered a legal wife by the courts and therefore upon the death of the husband where there is no Will, his second wife may not be financially provided for.


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