It is important to ensure that you have a Will in place which will clearly set out your intentions of what is to happen to your assets in the event of your death. If a Will does not exist, the rules of Intestacy will come into play. Intestacy Rules will dictate how the assets of the deceased should be distributed. The Rule of Intestacy are arbitrary and will not necessary distribute the asset in accordance with what the deceased may have wanted.

For example, Mr Jones has been separated from his wife for 10 years and has lived with Ms Smith for 10 years. If Mr Jones leaves no Will, in the event of his death a large proportion of his assets, if not all his assets, will pass to his separated wife. Ms Smith will most likely end up with nothing. This is probably not what Mr Jones would have wanted!

At Hallmark Solicitors we will obtain full instructions from you and thereafter prepare a detailed and concise Will accurately reflecting your wishes. We also have experts whom we can refer you to who can guide you on how to save Inheritance Tax and deal with tax planning.

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